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28 October, 2018

WOW! 3rd Meeting - How does it feel to learn in a manufacturing plant?

On the 2nd and 3rd of October, WOW consortium has gathered in Cambridge (UK), at TWI's facilities to discuss the guideline scheme to promote work-based learning arrangements in two welding qualifications: the European Welding Specialist (EWS) and the European Welding Practitioner (EWP) and the quality assurance mechanisms underpinned to it. 

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28 April, 2018

Second project meeting

New learning route for the European Welding Specialist and the European Welding Practitioner. On the 19th and 20th of April, it was held the 2nd meeting of the WOW project in Genoa (Italy), hosted by IIS.

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15 November, 2017

Kick-Off Meeting at the European Comission

We are hosting the first meeting of the #WOWProject - Work-based learning (WBL) Opportunities in Welding - bridging the gap between education and business through a #WBLsystem for the #manufacturing sector. #VETBusinessPartnerships #Erasmusplus

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